Mrs. Firuze 20% Chef Hire Deposit

From EUR 141


Zucchini polpette with tzatziki sauce

Mushrooms & seasonable vegetable orzotto
fried eggplants 

Fresh green salad
Tomato mint salad

Carob cake with vanilla ice cream

MENU PRICE: 375 KN (approx. £45) per person


Chef Hire Dinner Menus - 6 people minimum

Dinner Menus include 3 or 4 course meals prepared on the spot by the chef and served to guests.

Prices include: buying ingredients, preparation and presentation of food, setting the table, serving, and clearing/washing up.

**Important note: final confirmation of the service can be given only after making sure the house you are staying in has sufficient inventory and appliances for the chef to be able to create the menu selected. All chef hire services need to be communicated to the villa owner or villa manager.

**Important note: Drinks are not included in the price. Where chef hire is for multiple days, the chef may not be the same person each day & subsequent menus are to be discussed with the chef directly (please request alternate menus with our rep & ask to speak to the chef to arrange), but all the chefs you hire are experienced professionals from Dubrovnik restaurants. The Chef will usually be aided by a waiter (except in the case of Catered Meals) who will set up the table, present the food and clean up afterwards. If you require something different from the above menus, we can put together a quote for the type of menu you require.


Location: Villa Vanda, Moluntska ul. 18, 20000

From EUR 141

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