Dubrovnik’s Bites of History

The tale of Dubrovnik is a long and an interesting one. City's history is full or turmoil and intrigue and the lives of the local people have always been subject to various threats from the surrounding areas or from within. However, one thing that seems to never change in Dubrovnik is its people's fondness for delicious local food and wine.

Accompanied by a local guide and a dedicated foodie, walk around Dubrovnik's historical centre and marvel at the beauty of the stone cobbled streets outlined by so many wonderfully preserved historical buildings. The tour will not be just walking and talking. Along the way you will enjoy a visit to a few spots where you will get to taste a few bites of local food accompanied by lovely Croatian wine. These include tasting some of the most delicious oysters in Europe from the nearby town of Ston, accompanied by Croatian sparkling wine. You will also have a chance to try other traditiona foods and get introduced to Croatian wine varieties, country's best kept secret. Your guide will tell you about the city's history, but also about the local food and traditions related to socialising over food.

We all love to hear a good story from the times long gone, but when ever possible, locals of Dubrovnik like to taste it as well. Find out why.

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