Terms and conditions

Credit card payments in favor of Insider Holidays d.o.o. are collected by TREKKSOFT AG, Hauptstrasse 15, 3800 Matten, Switzerland ("TREKKSOFT"). TREKKSOFT will appear as INSIDER HOLIDAYS on your credit card statement. The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by TREKKSOFT.

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Insider Holidays - Terms and Conditions

As an integral part of the Contract, i.e. voucher concluded between Insider Holidays doo, Lopudska 3A, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia (hereinafter: Insider Holidays) and the travel contractor (hereinafter: Guest), these Terms and Conditions and all stipulations within are binding for both us and the Client unless otherwise is determined by the Contract. By confirming your reservation of the service and/or paying for the service in full or partially, you are confirming that you fully accept these Terms and Conditions.



Insider Holidays is obligated to provide the service following the information presented to the Guest through official company channels or contracted partners in the form of descriptions and/or itineraries, as soon as this service is officially confirmed in written form by Insider Holidays. Some changes of the itinerary during the tour/activity (e.g. choosing an alternative route to the venue because of road works) are possible following an oral agreement from the Guest for the sake of ensuring the quality or operational feasibility of the tour/activity.

Guest is obligated to pay the agreed price through regular payment channels as set up and communicated by Insider Holidays through official channels. Guest is also obligated to ensure he/she fulfils all the necessary legal conditions of travelling to and within Croatia as defined by the national laws of Croatia and any other country the Guest travels through/from in order to reach Croatia.  These include proper personal and travel documentation, national legal requirements for specific service, and any other specific conditions needed for Guest to be able to travel and stay in Croatia.

Guest is obligated to conduct him/herself in the manner appropriate to the venue visited during the tour/activity and to abide local rules and regulations during the trip. In case of any damages to the venue/inventory, vehicles used, or any other material things used to perform booked services, Insider Holidays reserves the right to ask for compensation in the height of the damage caused.

Some of the obligations described in these Terms and Conditions, or other contracts between Insider Holidays and Guest, can be alleviated in case of Force Majeure (Act of God), which includes death, illness, physical injury, strikes, wars, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, suddenly imposed governmental limitations – providing these instances impede Guest from using the service, or Insider Holidays from providing the service booked by the Guest.  


Payment and Cancellation Policy

Regular and semi-private tours are charged upon confirmation of the service, with any cancellation more than 48 hrs before the tour/activity warranting a full refund lessened by administrative costs of the booking channel (10% of the total amount). Cancellations of 48 hrs or less before the start of the tour do not warrant any refund.

Private tours/activities are paid for fully or partially upfront, with details to be agreed on case-by-case basis. Deposits are non-refundable and go towards securing resources needed to perform the service booked. Cancellations done more than a week of the service start, where the full or partial amount higher than the amount of the deposit has been paid, are subject to refunds in the height of the amount paid minus the amount of the deposit. Cancellations done less than a week and more than 48 hrs before the start of the service are subject to 50% refund. Cancellations done 48hrs or less before the start of the service are not entitled to refund.

Multiday packages have their own payment and cancellation policies that can differ from one package to the other and which will be communicated to the Guest in the written form by Insider Holidays or authorised partners.

Other services may have different payment and cancellation policies than what is described in this chapter. These will be communicated to the Guest in written form by Insider Holidays or an authorised partner.


Privacy Policy & Data Confidentiality

All personal information of our Guests are considered confidential and will be used only for necessary formalities as defined by the law and/or common business practices. This policy extends to all our employees. Outside of the mentioned legal and business rules, as well as for purposes of operational needs of the services booked, personal information of the Guest will not be forwarded to third parties by Insider Holidays for any reason.


Travel insurance

As your service provider, but also your partner in Croatia, Insider Holidays would advise you to purchase comprehensive travel insurance from your preferred insurance provider once you’ve booked your trip to Croatia. Travel insurance is aimed at minimising damage you can sustain from unexpected situations like unforeseen trip cancellations, lost baggage, crisis situations in the destinations and so on.